Windows 8.1- What You Need To Know

Are you planning to try out the features of Windows 8.1? Well, before you start off, it is advisable to have an insight into some attributes and features of this new and upgraded version of Windows 8. This new version of Windows from the house of Microsoft is all set to create new benchmarks and provide users with enhanced features and functionality.

What You Need To Know

The preview version of this update to Windows 8.1 was launched on June 26, 2013. It was released for Windows RT and Windows 8. If everything goes off well, then the final version of Windows 8.1 should be ready for release and manufacturing in the upcoming month of August. This effectively means that consumers can buy the windows 8.1 in the holiday season of 2013—about twelve months after the release of windows 8.

How to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

How to upgrade Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

This also happens to be the first launch in Microsoft’s “rapid cadence” cycle for updating Windows. Microsoft is now accelerating the pace of Windows development and looking at yearly releases to replace their 2-3 cycle for their desktop clients.

Windows 8.1 Preview comes with its own home page. Microsoft has also launched a well equipped FAQ which provides factual details along with some marketing talk for the windows 8.1. The company has also created a Windows 8.1 forum for technical support and help at its community site.

Additions and changes in Windows 8.1

It cannot be rated as simple service pack. Some of the major additions and changes in this version of Windows are:

Start screen options for customization are more accessible and flexible.

Windows 8.1 boasts of various new and first party apps.

The Windows Store is redesigned to offer newer features.

It boasts of a tighter integration with the applications offered by SkyDrive.

The desktop now contains a Start hint on the task bar -exactly where the Windows 7 Start button is present.

Users can access the desktop directly, without going to the Start screen.

It has many options and features for arranging the modern (Metro) applications alongside.

The OS boasts of better and novel capabilities for third party apps compatible with Windows 8.1.

It offers support for a wide range of smaller tablets.

The Windows 8.1 Preview is here!

The Windows 8.1 Preview is here!

Windows 8.1 is compatible with and comes packaged with Internet Explorer 11 (which has improved security features and tab handling facilities).

The modules for PC settings are more enhanced and duplicate the “Control Panel” on the desktop.

There are new features for touch devices and on screen keyboards.

It is important to note that some features which are awaiting release in the final version of Windows 8.1 are absent in the Preview. These include significant update facilities to the Mail client—which have been released in the demos but fail to appear in the preview release.

System requirements for installing Windows 8.1

All devices capable of running on Windows 8 should be compatible with the Windows 8.1 Preview. Windows RT 8.1 Preview requires prior installation of Windows RT and a minimum of 10 GB of storage area which is free. The updates to Windows 8.1 support 14 different languages which include German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, French, Russian, Chinese (Traditional), Spanish and so forth.

It remains to be seen whether Windows 8.1 can match the popularity and utility quotient of its predecessors.

Finding Your Moment Of Intense Joy-When Should You Say “I Love You”

Love has this ephemeral quality of deluding even the most clever and wisest of people and the expressions of love seem to add to the entire travail .Many of us have grown up wondering if our relationship has gone that stretch to lead to this declaration of love-those three words that lays bare your heart, knowing that rejection, partial or complete, could come your way. Most of us stop short of this declaration because of inadequacies in our emotional content. Either we aren’t too sure or we fear rejection. The inner turmoil surprisingly dissipates once these words of absolute ecstasy leave your lips. The conscious mind protects you all the time from this risk; what should you do? Go with the torrent of your emotions or script the lines in your heart like a well planned play. While the tumultuous emotions seems to sweep your heart and mind away, there could be a few aspects of the relationship and situation you could consider.

Giving Your Relationship The time

So what if the sparks flew right from the beginning! How would you know that it wasn’t just a flash in the pan? Any relationship requires the dynamics of emotions to work its natural way. See the highs and lows of your life and then feel it with your inner being if that person is essential for your life to go on? There is no scale to mark any relationship and certainly not some report card of love; but there is some truth in the old adage of ‘time tested ‘ quality. Attractions happen all of a sudden but not love. While the physical connection may be simply a surge of certain hormones, don’t let that sweep you away. It would be so very disheartening for both if you find that ‘love ‘ missing in a couple of days. In the past, giving time to any relationship simply meant ‘going steady’. Time we looked at this old wisdom more closely.

When Should You Say “I Love You” for the First Time?

When Should You Say “I Love You” for the First Time?

Disengage From Your Fear Of Rejection

Never should one say these precious words out of any form of duress. Don’t ever be scared about rejection and say it when you feel it in your heart that no matter what, your love is not necessarily anchored on reciprocity. Yes that does help but, if you fear rejection or a lukewarm response, you would be chasing away even the smallest chance of success of your relationship. Say the words and allow your partner the time to respond. If you fail to get a response, you just need to tell yourself that maybe it needs time and hey, who said it wasn’t a one way street?

Celebrate the Power Of Love

It is only possible if both the partners understand what it means to commit to it. You could be in a relationship with someone who culturally differs from you and finds its expression difficult. Find his/her language of love; be it a little gift, or a special gesture that sets your relationship apart. Never should you drive the one you love away by your insensitive demands. Celebrate the power of love by expecting nothing. You’ll find it so much easier to know when is the right time. If you feel your partner isn’t ready to commit to anything beyond, explain that you were not expecting anything and see what a wondrous path your love will take.

The Work I Did To Be Happy

The Work I Did To Be Happy

Time, dumping the fear of rejection, and learning the common language of love will make us see the exact time when we are ready to say perhaps what the three most joyous words are ever created.

Gym And Its Major Common Injuries It Causes

What is gym and its benefits? Gym describes physical and intellectual education for young men. It is beneficial especially to individuals who undergo it. Such benefits are: Its good for the heart according to Dr William Craus such that it reduces blood pressure and relieve stress on the heart. Exercise promotes weight loss, lowers high blood pressure, prevents osteoporosis, prevents cold, and is an excellent de-stressor. Much more, it reduces diabetic complications, reduces severity of asthma, promotes a healthy pregnancy, plays a role in preventing cancer, promotes brain health, has anti ageing effects, improves sleeping patterns, combats impotence, helps prevent stroke, is good for mind and soul, allows you to improve muscle strength, joint structure and joint functions, helps manage arthritis and is important for someone’s sexual life. This mode of education is of beneficial to everyone, young or old, and ill or non ill. However, despite all this, in due line of exercise people do get injuries and there rises need for them to be protected.

What are the most common injuries and what causes them?

The reason at times individuals receive injuries is due to trying to do things beyond their scope and at times too fast. The major common gym injuries are: knee, shoulder, lower back, foot and ankle and neck.

The four most common causes of sports injuries

The four most common causes of sports injuries

Knee injury may be caused by improper foot wear, weak hip muscles and if our feet are unstable. This may result to knee getting all the stress. Shoulder injuries may come due to push ups, shoulder press, chest press, and also by arm getting rotated in. If someone go to gym and do an overhead shoulder lift standing after being rounded the whole day in their upper back, nervous may breakdown because of getting all the stress leading to lower back injury. According to Mr. Price, people spend their days in front of the computers with rounded shoulders and when they stand up their weight falls to the front of their feet causing misplaced center of gravity and putting it into running shoes which naturally tip them forward with a heel higher than their toe may lead to foot and ankle injury.

However, all this type of injuries are preventable when the right is being applied. An example is when someone have a knee pain, he or she needs to get muscles in balance or equally flexible on both sides through strength training as per Wilmarth. In addition, one need to focus on improving the strength in hips and muscles specifically harm strings, inner and outer thighs and quads. However if you get injured your recovery will depend on working on flexibility through stretching and it will be a lot more painful than you than you would just have done it from the beginning.

You can find stability balls at most gyms

You can find stability balls at most gyms

In conclusion, everyone is entitled to remain health. By attending gymnastics is part of the way of keeping your body, mind and heart healthy. Challenge is to all people to adapt this method for regular physical fitness and health. To get started you can find a certified personal trainer to make sure you are using the right technique and try to think of yourself as your own trainer. This is possible when we kick our ego away and start working on our own bodies.

Factors That Affect Home Insurance Cost And Various Tips For Lowering The Cost Of Coverage

The insurance industry has grown drastically in recent years to help provide cover against many risks that people or businesses may incur. Insurance coverage that people are finding it necessary to take up is home insurance, with insurance companies able to provide coverage against different types of risks that may befall the insured party’s home.

A general description of house or home insurance

Home insurance is a type of cover that a homeowner takes up to provide cover for his home against certain risks. The risks in this instance may include fire, burglary, natural disasters and other occurrences that may occur within the home and which may lead to property loss, injury or even death.

10 things that can lower or raise your homeowners insurance rates

10 things that can lower or raise your homeowners insurance rates

Factors that affect house insurance costs

One of the most important factors that insurers will look at when calculating your home insurance costs is the age of your home. Usually, a home’s age will affect the structural integrity of a house and other fixtures such as plumbing and lighting. That said you find that insurers usually charge lower premiums for newer houses as compared to older ones.

Insurance is all about risk and the cost of your home insurance will usually be determined by how prone to risk your home is. The insurer will usually look at things like dangerous pets such as dogs and added risky fixtures such as swimming pools; things that will make a home owner pay more premiums.

Location and proximity to risk factors will usually make your insurance costs go higher as compared to if your house is located at a less risk prone location.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

Factors That Affect the Cost of Homeowners Insurance

Several ways that one can lower his or her home insurance costs

The first action that you can take before insuring your house is running proper maintenance and adding security fixtures for instance smoke detectors and burglar alarms, something that will make for a safer home. That said also avoiding dangerous pets and risky installations such as trampolines will make your insurer charge less premiums.

Another tip that will help one cut down on home insurance rates is if one takes up more covers with one insurance firm. For instance instead of procuring your auto insurance and home insurance from two different insurance firms, it is prudent to procure the coverage from one firm as there are discounts rates offered by insurers when one takes up more than one policy from the same firm.

One can always shop around to get insurance firms that offer cheaper rates for home coverage and look for firms that offer policies that include cheaper coverage options such as group coverage. In addition to this you one should avoid over insuring the home as this would lead to higher premium costs.

Another tip to help lower one’s insurance costs is through raising his deductibles as this leads to the reduction in premium payments by up to 25 percent.

At the end of the day it is advised that as much as one would like to get cheaper rates for his or her home insurance, it is important to get coverage that will provide ample insurance for your property to ensure that in the event of occurrence of risk, you get good value for your insurance.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working For A Small Firm.

Working for a small firm has its own impacts. Some are beneficial to the employee while other impacts put the employee working for such an organization at disadvantageous circumstances compared to their counterparts in large firms. Here are some of the pros and cons of working for a small firm;

One advantage is that it is easy to rise and develop your career; this basically implies that employees working in small firms have higher chances of getting promotions. Promotion simply means that you have been raised from a lower position to a higher rank in a particular department or section of the company. This is because competition is usually not as stiff as it is in a large company. A smaller firm will employ fewer employees thus increasing the chances of personal career growth.

The Benefits Of Working In A Small Law Firm

The Benefits Of Working In A Small Law Firm

The other benefit that comes with working for a small organization is that inter and intra-departmental communication is usually effective thus enabling everyone to carry out his respective role. This is because a small company has few departments thus making it easy to channel communication from one department to another or within the department. You should put in mind that effective communication is always an important aspect of the success of any organization.

Another advantage of working for a small firm is that it is easy to get incentives. Since a small organization has few employees, it becomes easier to reward all of the satisfactorily in terms of giving them bonus and other attractive incentives. This is because the firm will not spend too much on such things to an extent of affecting the financial stability of the company. On the other hand, there are also some drawbacks that come with working for a small firm such as the following:

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Mortgage Broker

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using A Mortgage Broker

Overworked – this is more common because the company has few employees thus making you to work devastatingly. Small firms usually want to cut cost of employing more staff members thus forcing the existing employees to work excessively to cover the other duties that should have done by other employees. This is detrimental to the employee since it does not only reduce his productivity level but it also compromises his health in one way or the other.

Strictness – small firms tend to have high level of stringency at all levels of work. This is simply because the supervisor or the employer is closely monitoring you and assessing what you are doing as well as your actions and movements from time to time. This gives you as an employee little working space or freedom because of the stringent observation measures that your superiors have taken. This is disadvantageous because it undermines the employee’s confidence the employee thus reducing productivity.

Indefinite roles – another disadvantage with working for small firms is that in most cases you have imprecise duties and you might end up doing various duties from one time to another. This is because of inadequate employees or as a result of merged departments which is normally a common occurrence in many small companies.


Those are some of the most notable pros and cons of working for a small company. Everything that has its advantages must definitely have its disadvantages.